THE FELDENKRAIS METHOD The Feldenkrais method ® is an educational system that is based on the fact that all human beings have the potential and ability to learn, regardless of age. This system of education is also developing self-awareness in the environment, a person's motor repertoire expands, improves its functions and allows you to express yourself more fully. Since the human being can't do anything when it is born, what he does as an adult is the result of what he learned during his life. The method aims to facilitate learning necessary to the Organization of the self and of recovering movement patterns excluded in the past or not considered, this is done through movement sequences that turn attention to certain parts of the self, out of their awareness and not involved in functional actions. Thanks to that every person will be able to improve its interaction with the outside world, with himself and with the environment. The Feldenkrais method ® treats the body as a primary tool of human action, to change the behavior we must change its way of moving. The movement is the basis of the action, the sensations and the muscular, skeletal and nervous systems organisation is the person's health status index. The method teaches people to use themselves with more efficiency and simplicity, economy to achieve its purpose and cause a change. CONSCIOUSNESS AND AWARENESS A very interesting aspect of the method is the great attention paid to the awareness. It is the feature that most distinguishes us from animals, in fact, Moshe writes: "the human being is made more complex by things such as thinking, feeling, sensation, consciousness, awareness is also common to most animals, can very minor, and the difference is that in the US it is so strong that we can talk about different quality". Objective of the method is to develop this quality "different", which for many is dozing, ineducata, once approached or reached makes them able to regain possession of various sensory abilities of our organism. Consciousness and awareness involves the relationship between individual and environment; consciousness is a State of watchful vigil where you are careful to yourself and to the environment, allows you to sense the nuances of the events and feelings, allows us to act by making choices, to find and choose alternative solutions to problems that arise. To consider that part of consciousness that includes Moshe awareness knowledge, is to know what you're doing. Therefore it is a body that develops a process refined use sensory apparatus and integrated. The lessons of the method the student learns to become more aware of itself, the surrounding environment, paying attention to the kinesthetic sensations while moving, or to the information given by the teacher with the touch.